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This Privacy Policy is about the way information collected is used. No unsolicited personal information is collected, however information is collected about how users access and use this website. This website promotes the business A.D. Smith (ADS), managed by Alan David Smith.

1. The information collected and used:
If you use this website, you are in control of what information is collected, but if you choose not to share your information, you may not be able to access or use some areas of this website.
a. How information is collected – This information may be collected, stored and used when you use this website and when you call ADS.
b. What information is collected – The information collected and held may include but is not limited to: information about your computer and about your visits to, and use of, the website (including your IP address, approximate geographical location, browser type, referral source, length of visit and number of page views) and any other information you may provide to the provider of this site.
c. Using cookies or other on-device storage – Cookies are information files stored on your computer that help websites remember you. Cookies may used on this site to collect information. For more information on how we use cookies and how to opt out of using them, please read section 5 – Using cookies on this website and how you can reject them.

2. How information collected is used:
We track how the website is used – Information may be collected about activity on the website. This information is used to:
a. analyse statistics; and
b. track pages and paths used by visitors to, or users of, the website.
For these purposes, the information on the path you take to get to the website and on some of the pages you visit or use through the website, using cookies will be retained. You cannot be personally identified from the information that is collected on this website. For information about cookies, please read section 5 – Using cookies on this website and how you can reject them.

3. Disclosure of your information:
Your information may be passed to one or more of the following organisations:
a. ADS; and
b. government and enforcement agencies and the police.
Every now and again, requests are received for information from government departments, the police and other enforcement agencies. If this happens, and if there is a proper legal basis for providing your information, it will be provided to the organisation asking for it.

4. How your information is kept secure:
The security of information is taken very seriously. Technology and security policies are in place to protect the information held.

5. Using cookies on the website and how you can reject them:
A cookie is a piece of information that a website transfers to the cookie file of the browser on your computer’s hard disk so that the website can remember who you are and information about your visit. Cookies can help to display the information on a website in a way that matches your interests. Most major websites use cookies. Two types of cookies may be used on this website. The first type is a ‘session-based’ cookie. This means that it is only saved on your hard disk for the time you are using the website. Within the website these cookies are used to understand how users navigate through the web site. The second type of cookie used stays on your hard disk for up to five years. This ‘persistent’ cookie helps the number of different people coming to the site be understood, rather than the total number of times the site is used. Without the persistent cookie, if you visited the site once each week for three weeks you would be counted as three separate users. On the website, these cookies are used to manage the adverts shown to visitors and to make sure that each visitor doesn’t see the same advert too often, as well as understand how frequently you use the website and any services provided on the website. Your personal information is not stored in either type of cookie. Cookies are only used to analyse the effectiveness of the website and to help make the website better for users. If you do not want a website to create a cookie on your computer, most web browsers provide the option to disable them. However, the website may not work properly if you reject the cookies. If you want to know more about how cookies work and how to manage or delete them, visit the World Wide Web Consortium’s website or visit the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s website.

6. How changes to this privacy policy may occur:
This privacy policy may be updated from time to time so you may want to check it each time you visit the website.

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